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Look like a Leader!

Grayson's "Yes I Can" Attitude

Grayson was worried about his grades and how he was going to continue learning once COVID-19 closed school and his education switched from in person (classroom) to online with instructional videos, and video chat with his teachers. This was a very stressful time for him, as he was still expected to learn new material/concepts (the same as if in the classroom). With his "Yes I Can" attitude, and support from mom, dad, and wonderful teachers he ended the school year with A's and A+'s.


Bentley's Confidence Helps Him Push Through

Bentley has shown Belief in himself when he has pushed himself to keep going with all his homework and online learning. He keeps going when he wants to stop. He has shown great confidence and believing in himself.


Sadie Believes in Everybody!

Sadie believes in everybody. She is the first one to encourage her friends and will always help someone that is falling behind so they don't get left out. An example is she helps little kids go up and down the stairs because she knows they can do it with just a little help!

Sadie show great belief in herself when she reads. She chooses to read every word by herself, even when she doesn't know it because she is confident she can figure it out. And she almost always does! Sadie is an awesome reader and its great to see her not give up even when its hard!


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Piper Believes in Herself, Family, Friends, and Community

Piper believes with practice she can achieve her goals.

She believe in me (her mother) to help her to be her best self.

She believe in her friends and family to have her best interests at heart and to guide her in life.

She believes everyone will come together and get through this pandemic. Including faith in doctors and even animals (like dogs) being taugh to sniff out the virus.

She believes in God and if we pray and grow in Him, He will protect us.

~Piper's Mom


Olivia Graduates 8th Grade


Olivia stayed focused and believed in herself during the distance learning. She knew that if she kept moving forward and believed in herself and others that everything would work out and the end of the school year would be successful. ~ Olivia's Mom

Sophie's Belief in Herself Gives her Courage

Sophie was having anxiety about returning to in person TDK class after the mandatory shutdown during the COVID crisis. While her anxiety got the best of her the first class, she showed belief in herself at the 2nd class and fully participated and has ever since. Sophie constantly shows belief in her sister. When her sister says she is scared to do something Sophie takes the time to thoroughly explain how to do the task and encouragingly tells her she can do it! ~ Sophie's Mom.

Andrew demonstrated Belief in himself by Not Giving Up!

Andrew recently got golf clubs. The first time he swung he wasn't hitting the ball. He kept telling me he could do it. He can now hit the ball straight and far. ~Andrew's Dad

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