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ATA Martial Arts for Adults & Teens



Martial Arts for Adults & Teens

It's never too late to learn something new.  Whether you are in excellent physical condition, looking to lose weight and get back in shape, or just looking for something new, martial arts offers a variety of options for adult men and women. 

  • High-intensity fitness:  Focus on improving the power, strength, and speed of your body in a way that is both challenging and engaging.  Martial arts utilizes all muscles of the body making it one of the most exciting ways to help get in and stay in shape.
  • Self-defense:  Learn a variety of tactics that are relevant in today's world and can help you feel secure in knowing how to defend yourself and your family in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Character reinforcement:  The moral foundation of Songahm Taekwondo is just as valuable as the physical strength and agility it helps to create.  With the foundations of loyalty, perseverance, respect, and honor, among many others, you will increase your confidence and help refocus yourself both personally and professionally.

Whether you are 18 or 80, Excel Martial Arts will offer you a new challenge and an opportunity to receive quality martial arts training that can carry over to all aspects of your life.  Ask your instructor about adult martial arts programs available for you.

Do I need to be in good physical shape to start martial arts classes?

No. In fact, our beginner martial arts class is specifically designed to safely and effectively get you into great physical shape. Our body-conditioning program helps students develop a more toned, flexible, stronger and suppler body allowing them to progress to the next level of training.

Do I need any previous martial arts experience?

Not at all. Many of our best students come to us without any martial arts training, but with consistent practice and hard work they quickly began to see progress.

Will my Rank transfer to other schools?

We are a part of the largest Martial Arts Organization in the world, the American Taekwondo Association. There are thousands of locations world wide, and your rank and training will transfer with you should you ever move. Additionally you are not limited to practicing with the students in your local area, you can train with the worlds best at ATA sanctioned training events and tournaments. You may even train at other ATA affiliated schools while vacationing in other areas. ATA provides stability and quality control to the international network and requires more training and screening for instructors than any other martial arts school in the country.

Martial Arts for Adults & Teens

Training program includes:

  • Self Defense & Safety
  • Progressive Forms Training
  • Sparring
  • Board Breaks
  • Tournament Opportunities

All Ages!  All Fitness Levels!  All Abilities!

  • Get yourself fit
  • Learn how to protect yourself
  • Lose weight while having fun!


Forms are a series of movements that help teach students the proper execution of Taekwond techniques.  These movements include hand and foot techniques, stances, body posture, and chambers (starting position).  Excel Martial Arts teaches the Songahm forms created by Eternal Grand Master H. U. Lee.  They are designed to gradually increase a student's skill from beginner to advanced.  Forms training also improves flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, and endurance.  Traditional Martial Arts have been taught via form memorization, handed down master to master, long before the knowledge was recorded in writing.



Sparring is in its essence the spontaneous application of Taekwondo technique. Sparring aids in learning self-defense, helps students overcome fear, teaches a student to dynamically react and respond to an unpredictable opponent, and is one heck of a workout! Sparring is usually done with light to moderate contact and requires safety gear.





Board Breaking

Board breaking demonstrates that a student's martial arts techniques have power as well as control.  Its sole purpose is to ensure that the student has sufficient strength to make each self-defense technique effective in an emergency.  Board breaking provides a rather unambiguous test of the power and proper technique execution.


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Excel Martial Arts

An official ATA Martial Arts Licensed School.  Independently owned and operated by the Van Horn Family of Warrenton, MO.  Within walking distance of Warren County R-3 Daniel Boone Elementary and Black Hawk Middle School.  We train Champions in the Art of Taekwondo!

phone: 314-83E-XCEL   314-833-9235

What makes Excel Martial Arts Different from other Taekwondo / Karate / Hapkido Schools?

  • Our school is accredited by the country's largest martial arts organization, the ATA.

  • 130,000 plus active members and over 1 million students trained since 1969.

  • Each instructor has passed an intensive certification process based on 40 years of tradition, research, and development.  Each instructor has passed a background check.

  • Rank earned at our school is recognized and honored by more than 1200 other Martial Arts Schools in the U.S.

  • Only school in the Warren County area that can provide access to ATA's World Class Tournament Circuit.

  • Training, Seminar, and Networking opportunities available with Elite World Renowned Martial Artists via ATA's vast industry connections.

Located at 702 East Booneslick Rd, 63383

If you live in Warrenton, Turesdale, Pendleton, Innsbrook, Wright City, Jonesburg, Foristell, Hawk Point, Holstein, Hopewell, Pickney, Treloar, New Truxton, Truxton, Marthasville, High Hill, Cappeln, Prices Branch, Troy, Moscow Mills, Flint Hill, Wentzville, New Melle, Femme Osage, Old Alexandria, Dutzow, McKittrick, Hermann, Rhineland, Bridgeport, Case, Bellflower, New Florence, Gilmore, Josephville, Washington, Ethlyn, Lake St. Louis, Montgomery City, Danville, Mineola, or Wellsville, then you are close enough to train with us!